Stop Fake Leads & Fraudsters, Fast.

Safeguard your SaaS business from bots, spammers, and bad actors. Protect revenue, save time, and improve lead quality.

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Detect bad actors with unparalleled accuracy.

Utilising thousands of data points and advanced machine learning; our platform detects bad actors with amazing accuracy.

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Verify risky leads with just their email address.

Our smart verification feature lets you confirm users, leads or buyers are who they say they are - without adding clunky steps to your signup forms.

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Make better decisions with the power of AI.

Spotrisk now leverages the power of OpenAI technology to more accurately detect and prevent fraud. Our platform learns over time based on your decisions & actions, along with our vast data set.

Customise Spotrisk to fit your business needs.

No black box here. With Spotrisk you can customise protection levels & rules, block leads based on a variety of characteristics, and work with us to create any new features you might need. We're your risk partners.

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By helping us avoid the time and headache just one fraudulent order, Spotrisk pays for itself.

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Why Spotrisk?

We're building Spotrisk to be an accessible, powerful, and complete risk solution for brands of all sizes.

Use Cases

  • Block fake leads and signups
  • Verify questionable users
  • Reduce signup friction, not lead quality
  • Get detailed user behaviour insights
  • Spot fake contact details
  • Block known bad-actors before they strike

Key Benefits

  • Affordable plans for all businesses sizes
  • Extremely easy to set-up and use
  • API access for customisation / extension
  • Expert support and escalation services
  • Customisable features
  • We'll help you build your ideal risk platform

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