Spot risky locations before they cost you, or your customers.

Safeguard your goods and services using our powerful data network of risky New Zealand locations. Protect your revenue, brand and customers.


Know when a location is risky, and take action

Our Location Risk API checks any address data you send it to provide risk scores, insights and recommendations. We check a variety of data points including incidents of porch theft, delivery issues, and chargeback data from our vast intelligence network.

"One in four Kiwis hit by porch pirates, with incidents on the rise"
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Powered by our unique New Zealand location dataset

Thanks to our unmatched database of New Zealand e-commerce delivery information - the Spotrisk Address API is uniquely placed to score locations for signs of risk and provide accurate recommendations.

'We have been affected by 'Porch Pirates' and other types of Courier theft which have severely knocked confidence in our customers and dampened the convenience of shopping online.'

The extra stress, work and cost associated with stolen parcels makes creating a positive shopping experience much more difficult.

As a business we endeavour to offer the very best type of proactive service to our customers and we see Spotrisk’s new Location Risk product being one of these key protective services.

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Our Data, Used Your Way

We'll help you integrate our API with your existing workflows and tools. Full flexibility,

Our location-based risk API is super simple, and seamlessly integrates with various systems, such as e-commerce and shipping platforms.

The API's adaptability allows it to fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, whether you're a growing e-commerce business or a larger logistics company.

The Spotrisk team can help you customise the address data to meet your specific needs, from adjusting risk parameters to incorporating additional data sources. With reliable and accurate NZ location-based insights, our API empowers businesses to make informed decisions, optimise operations, and manage risks effectively in a rapidly changing landscape.

  • Secure APIs
  • Simple code integration
  • Support from the Spotrisk team
  • Ongoing updates
  • Privacy friendly

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