Extend the power of Spotrisk with advanced rules

Build the fraud platform you need. Utilise our exisiting advanced rules, or work with us to build your own.

Enable automated actions

Automate key workflows such as blocking high risk payments, or verifying questionable buyers

Utilise custom lists

Block specific customers, countries, IP addresses and more. Gain control over who engages with you

Build your own rules

We're always working with our users to build new features and rules that meet their needs

What are advanced rules?

Advanced rules are additional features we add to give users control over how Spotrisk handles fraud for their store or platform. We have a set of existing advanced rules that help speed up and solidify your fraud processes - and we're always building more.

→ Advanced rules help you build the fraud platform you need. No more black box, uncustomisable fraud solutions.

“We used to only rely on Shopify’s inbuilt fraud analysis to alert us to suspicious orders. At the end of the day it was really left to me to investigate and decide if each order was genuine. We might get 300 orders in 24 hours during our sales period and we simply don’t have time to look at all of them. Before using Spotrisk, I really didn’t feel confident fulfilling those orders, but our focus had to be getting the product out of the door and to the customer.”

- Benny Castles, Director & Designer, WORLD

Spotrisk is your complete risk management solution

Customer block & allow lists

Block known-fraudsters permanently, or build a whitelist so your best customers don't have their orders flagged.

API access

Want more functionality? Extend and customise Spotrisk to suit your unique business needs with API access.


Verify a buyer's identity with the click of a button using Spotrisk's buyer verification feature.

Escalation services

Our fraud experts are always here if you need them. If you're particularly unsure of an order, escalate it and we'll take a look.

Weekly risk summay

Our live dashboard lets you see how much fraud Spotrisk is blocking, and how much you're saving in the process.

Dedicated customer support

We're available to help Spotrisk users via chat, email and phone support. Get in touch if you need anything.

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