Protect your store from fraud

Shield your fashion business from fraud, chargebacks and bad actors with Spotrisk. Fully automated fraud prevention.
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Detect & prevent fraud

Our advanced fraud detection feature helps protect your brand by identifying and preventing fraudulent activities before they occur
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Verify buyers instantly

Get an extra layer of protection with our smart, simple verification feature. Be sure a customer or user is who they say they are.
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Customise your protection

Build the fraud platform you need. Utilise our exisiting advanced rules, or work with us to build your own.
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Flexible Protection for Fashion Brands

We designed Spotrisk to be a powerful, affordable fraud prevention solution for growing retailers of all types

Fight growing fraud in online retail, on autopilot

Fashion is an industry being hit particularly hard by fraud recent years. Chargebacks, instances of friendly fraud, and porch pirates are all on the rise. With Spotrisk, online retailers can detect fraud with greater accuracy, verify buyers when required, and automate the entire fraud management process.

  • Unique location-based risk API
  • Smart, instant buyer verification
  • 10,000+ data points utilised to detect fraud
  • Customisable fraud prevention rules


Since installing Spotrisk, we have been able to automate the fraud checks we used to do manually, and by combining Spotrisk with our payment gateways protection we can quickly identify a fraudulent purchase and not ship it. Avoiding the time and headache just one fraudulent order pays for itself.

Your complete risk & fraud toolkit

Customer block & allow lists

Block known-fraudsters permanently, or build a whitelist so your best customers don't have their orders flagged.

API access

Want more functionality? Extend and customise Spotrisk to suit your unique business needs with API access.


Verify a buyer's identity with the click of a button using Spotrisk's buyer verification feature.

Escalation services

Our fraud experts are always here if you need them. If you're particularly unsure of an order, escalate it and we'll take a look.

Real time dashboard

Our live dashboard lets you see how much fraud Spotrisk is blocking, and how much you're saving in the process.

Dedicated customer support

We're available to help Spotrisk users via chat, email and phone support. Get in touch if you need anything.

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