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Small Business Plans

Plans designed to protect growing retailers, without breaking the bank.
$99 USD / Month


Perfect for brands who need accurate, real-time fraud detection to assist fulfilment decisions.

What's Included:
Up to 250 orders analysed per month
All of our real time fraud detection features, including on-site behaviour analysis, and protection across the Spotrisk network
Support via email and live chat
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$299 USD / Month


Full protection for brands who want to automate some - or all - of their fraud prevention efforts. 

Everything in Verification, Plus:
Up to 1,500 orders analysed per month
Powerful automation workflows, allowing you to automate your entire fraud detection and prevention flows, all within Spotrisk.
Support via email and live chat
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Custom Protection at Scale

Flexible, full fraud prevention solutions and API's for larger brands.
Price on Application


Protection that fits you

Customisable fraud solutions for brands with large order volumes, and complex workflows. We can help integrate our risk APIs into your existing solutions, or get you set up to leverage our platform in full.

All of our Core Features, Plus:
Unlimited orders analysed per month
Customisable solutions and access to our various flexible APIs
Dedicated account manager and fraud specialist
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