Defending Websites from Bot-driven Threats

Defending Websites from Bot-driven Threats


In today's digital landscape, the prevalence of bots, spiders, crawlers, and scrapers has reached unprecedented levels, comprising a significant portion of the world's internet traffic. While some bots serve legitimate purposes, many are malicious "bad bots" engineered by scammers to perpetrate fraud. Spotrisk recognizes the pervasive threat posed by these malicious bots and offers a robust solution to combat them effectively

Key Risks:

Automated Credit Card Fraud and Chargeback Risk:

Bots facilitate automated fraudulent transactions, significantly increasing the risk of chargebacks.
We have seen cases where bots have submitted over 100 transactions in one day using stolen credit card numbers. For businesses, exceeding industry thresholds such as Visa's chargeback-to-transaction ratio of 0.9% can lead to enrolment in monitoring programs, fines, and remedial actions.

Spotrisk's platform not only detects and prevents fraud but also helps mitigate chargeback risks, ensuring compliance with industry standards and protecting merchants' financial interests.

The Confusion Caused by Fake Bot Traffic:

Fake bot traffic can lead to skewed analytics data and financial losses. This influx of suspicious activity impacts website performance and can distort business insights derived from analytics. Spotrisk offers proactive measures to detect and mitigate fake bot traffic, preserving the accuracy ofwebsite analytics and protecting businesses' revenue streams.

Combatting Fake Sign-Ups and Promo Abuse:

Fake sign-ups and promo or coupon code abuse orchestrated by bots pose significant risks to businesses. These activities can compromise promotional campaigns, damage brand reputation, and incur financial losses. Spotrisk empowers merchants to filter out fake sign-ups and thwart promo abuse, safeguarding business integrity and preserving the effectiveness of marketing efforts.

The Threat of Social Engineering:

Bots are increasingly leveraged for social engineering attacks, posing risks to businesses' financial integrity and reputation. One common manifestation of this threat is through fake sign-ups, where bots create fraudulent accounts to exploit promotional campaigns or perpetrate other forms of fraud.

Spotrisk effectively detects and stops fake sign-ups, nipping the problem in the bud and preventing potential damage to businesses' brand reputation and financial interests. While Spotrisk currently focuses on detecting and stopping fake sign-ups, we recognize the evolving nature of social engineering threats and the need for advanced solutions. We are actively exploring the development of AI-powered tools to combat social engineering attacks more
comprehensively in the future. By leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms, we aim to enhance our platform's capabilities to identify and mitigate various forms of social engineering threats, further strengthening businesses' defenses against fraudulent activities.

The Spotrisk Solution:

Advanced Detection and Blocking:

Spotrisk employs advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to detect bot traffic and suspicious behaviour in real-time. Leveraging insights gathered from past encounters with bad actors and DNS-based protection, Spotrisk identifies and blocks known offenders, preventing unauthorized access to business websites.

Comprehensive Network and Database:

Spotrisk's effectiveness is further enhanced by its comprehensive network and database of bad actor information. Through extensive data collection and analysis, Spotrisk has compiled a vast repository of known malicious entities and their tactics. By tapping into this wealth of knowledge, Spotrisk can proactively detect and stop bad actors before they can cause harm.

User Verification Feature:

In addition, Spotrisk offers a user verification feature specifically designed to identify and verify the user is who they say they are during registration or during an e-commerce sale. This feature ensures the integrity of new users mitigating the risk of fraudulent activities or misuse.

Proactive Bot Blocking Measures:

Furthermore, Spotrisk identifies and blocks bots from interacting with webpages under our protection, mitigating potential damage caused by bot-driven threats and ensuring the integrity and security of their online presence.


In the face of escalating bot-driven threats, Spotrisk serves as a reliable partner for businesses, offering comprehensive protection against fraudulent activities. With Spotrisk's advanced fraud detection capabilities and proactive defence mechanisms, businesses can safeguard their online presence effectively, ensuring compliance with industry standards and protecting their financial interests and brand reputation.

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